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New to Canada

Every country has different financial laws, some harder to navigate than others.

 If you're new to Canada, it can be hard to determine what exactly you need to qualify for mortgage financing, even if you were a financial expert in your home country. Like any country, Canada has its own unique set of rules and regulations that manage mortgage lending, and these nuances can be hard to figure out for someone not native to the country. 

This is where Myette comes in.

She has helped dozens of financial professionals new to Canada successfully pursue  mortgage financing, as well as those that are new to both Canada and the mortgage application process. With years of experience in finance, Myette has a rich knowledge of the different, unique taxes and fees that a new, non-citizen mortgage applicant will have to pay and as such can help you manage your finances and expectations when applying to a lender.


And if you're a new citizen or permanent resident, Myette can help you determine what documents you need from your country of origin to satisfy a potential lender.

Myette understands the unique needs of those that are new to Canada, such as a potential language barrier, and is ready to help you start building your new home in Canada, whether permanent or temporary.

Welcome to Canada.

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