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Credit Repair

Generally speaking, the better your credit rating, the more options you have available to you for loans and financing.

However, a less than perfect credit rating doesn't always have to mean the difference between owning and not owning a home. While a mortgage may be more difficult to secure, Myette is familiar with many different types of financing, and has worked with individuals with all types of credit backgrounds.

By sitting down with her and discussing your

current financial situation, Myette can give a plan for consolidating your debt and getting your monthly payments under control. Additionally, you may be pleasantly

surprised that owning your own home isn't out

of your reach with a program called Refresh


Credit Assessment
The program is designed to improve your credit score with each payment you make with no up-front cost and no credit check!


With this program, you decide which loan amount makes the most sense for you. Lenders generally would like to see a minimum loan of $2,000. After we sign you up, you begin to make monthly payments which are automatically withdrawn from your bank account. Refresh Financial holds the loan as collateral and after the term has finished Refresh then releases the loaned money (minus a fee) to you - resulting in some spending money and an improved credit score!


It’s that simple!
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